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Regarding the power bank guarantee terms and conditions
1.      The first party provides to second party product all is the nature guarantees for one year. Within one year if have the product quality problem is free maintenance.
Product quality problems not including following problem:
1). The capacity drops to 70%, or standby time only than initial time 70%( After battery using, the capacity can the normal drop)
2) Sales person or consumer mis-operation, to product damage.(This agreement first time sales the first party product in three months after the second party to become effective. The first party should free provide the second party the new product model trial sale and technical training)
2.      Artificial or the force majeure factor creates damage not in this maintenance scope.
3. The second party in the sales process, has the product technical problem consultation, the visitor inquiry etc, The first party should coordinate the second party to complete
in the first time.
4. The first party provides the product has the label which a company is in sole possession of, the product ex-work unique bar code and so on. When second party sale will have to guide the consumer to protect, the product bar code will do for exchanges a purchase with the maintenance basis.
5. The first party provides the label is the natural sign, The second party voluntarily tampers with all consequences which the label(like replaces the original sign to install etc)causes by the second party to be responsible.
6. If has the quality problem product, the second party should collect the product and sets up a fil the product bar code feedback to first party for saving. The first party may in accordance with the situation the product to re-send the goods to the second party, When has the problem product may arrive at certain quantity, together returns to the first party.(The special details may consult dealing with)

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